Saturday, December 17, 2011

Migration news: Rain in Southern Serengeti

There has been heavy rainfall over the Serengeti. The main migrating herds are located on Ndutu grass plains, but are spread across the entire south eastern Serengeti - from the western slopes of Ngorongoro Crater, to Kusini, and south as far as Maswa Game Reserve.

Safari gameviewing is a challenge (but rewarding) at the moment. A lot of the area is muddy and some of the small tracks have been closed. Safari enthusiasts will have to endure a lot of rain. But the big advantage is that the Serengeti is abandoned by most travellers. You will have the plains to yourself! This is foaling season. There will soon be 10s of thousands of wildebeest foals across the Ndutu Plains. The cats will be around picking off the weak and isolated. #

The best camps to be located at the moment are the permanent camps in the southern and central Serengeti. We recommend avoiding mobile camps that are generally not set up to handle the rain.

At this time we recommend: Kusini Camp - A luxury tented camp south west of the Ndutu Plains. Ndutu Lodge - A basic, but comfortable camp close to the migration. The annual migration will be located in the southern Serengeti for the next few months until the rain subsides and the young new foals get enough strength to start the move west and noth-west.