Friday, June 6, 2008

Grumeti River Crossing

Increasing numbers of wildebeest have been arriving and crossing the Grumeti River. The herds are moving north into the Grumeti Reserve on their way to the Masai Mara where there is more water.

There are dramatic scenes of herds across the river. Predators have been active and making the most of the easy hunt. Crocodiles have been feasting on unfortunate wildebeest, lions have been ambushing them and the hyenas and vultures have been scavenging at every opportunity.

Game drives have been outstanding with guest experiencing the migration at its best. The Grumeti area remains the best place to be based for a safari. The weather is also excellent for game drives. Roads have opened after the heavy rains closed them during the earlier part of the year. Rangers have been back-burning on the short grass plains.

Grumeti River Camp is in the heart of the action at the moment. The Singita camps; namely Sasakwa, Sabora Plains and Faru Faru; in the Grumeti Reserve are also good options for the next month. Robanda private camp is an excellent location for a mobile camp over the next month. It is outside the Serengeti National Park so guest can enjoy game walks and game drives amongst the migrating herds.

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