Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Migration heads south into the Serengeti

The main wildebeest herds have rapidly moved south into the northern Serengeti. This is likely to be a temporary movement and most of the rangers and guides expect them to head back into the Masai Mara in the next couple of weeks.

The northern Serengeti experienced some short rains over the past few weeks which caused new grass shoots across the region. This rich grazing and water allowed the wildebeest to move south earlier than usual, normally around late October or early November.
Most of the herds that were in the Mara Triangle and Engoikwateet salt lick have moved south into the Serengeti. The herds that were in the central Masai Mara, have also headed south and crossed the Sand River. The game viewing is still excellent in the Masai Mara, but for the moment, the main migration has abandoned the area. They will probably return shortly as there is some light rain in the Mara which will draw the herds back. In other words, the spectacle of the Mara River crossing is unlikely to be over. In fact, this movement of the herds is good news for safari enthusiast as they are likely to return to cross again and again.

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