Monday, April 6, 2009

Migration News: Migration remains around Ndutu

The migration remains in the south eastern Serengeti eco-system. The rains have been sporadic and unreliable so far in 2009. The wildebeest and zebra move within the south eastern Serengeti depending on the rains and grass. Immediately after a downpour they will return to the short grass plains of Ndutu, where the grazing is the best in the entire Serengeti and Masai Mara. At other times, they will be spread around this region (on the slopes of Ngorongoro Crater, or around Olduvia, Maswa Game Reserve, Moru, Nasera, Naabi and Gol). But, the remain in the general area until the rains abate, which should happen in the next few weeks. At this point, the migration will head west and north west toways the western corridor or the Serengeti and into the Grumeti Reserve.

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