Monday, June 22, 2009

Migration Update 2009: Central Serengeti

We would like to clarify the post from 16 June 2009. This was a comment from one of our readers who has just returned from the Serengeti. I thought it was interesting so included it. The comments were probably based on individual and personal conversations with guides. As always, opinions on where and how the migration moves is very subjective and can change quickly with a change of weather or any number of factors. The truth is: No one really understands exactly how the migration moves and any prediction is only that.

The Masai Mara is not only dependent on the Serengeti herds for the migration. Herds also migrate from other northern areas of Kenya (e.g. Loita Plains) and there are resident herds that remain in the northern migration region of the eco-system throughout the year. There will almost certainly be a large migration in the Masai Mara this year, but the exact timing is debatable. The herds from the Serengeti may arrive later this year than in 2008, as conditions have meant they are staying in the central Serengeti longer this year. But, who knows for certain?

Thanks for your comments and please keep them coming. Any first hand experience in the area is also highly valued.

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