Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Migration Update: Central and Eastern Serengeti

This season has seen unusual rain patterns. Rains have continued on through May, which is very unusual. This has meant that the wildebeest remained in the southern Serengeti (around Ndutu) until later than usual. As can be seen by the migration map, they are now spread out across a wide area of the Serengeti. Some small herds have crossed the Grumeti River (western Serengeti), other have gone directly north toward Lobo, while the large bulk of the wildebeest and zebra are in the central Serengeti (Seronera).

The general movement tends to be west through June (towards Grumeti) and then north into the Masai Mara (July/August), but with the good rains the wildebeest can find grazing across a much wider area this season.

The Grumeti River crossing has not yet kicked off properly, but safari guides are expecting this to happen in the coming week(s).

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