Friday, July 1, 2011

Migration report from Lemala Camps

Lemala Ewanjan and Lemala Mara - migration
The migration is currently split 3 ways. The lead herd is in the Bologonja and Kleins area (northern Serengeti), heading rapidly towards Wogakuria and Kogatende. Another herd is between Grumeti and Iloma areas slowly starting to move up north. The trailing herd is still between Makoma Hills near Lemala Ewanjan and Seronera area.

There is excellent plains game around Lemala Ewanjan and as a result there is lots of predator activity. Lions and leopards can be heard almost daily near the camp. On Monday, a cheetah in a hunting mode was spotted about 0.5km from the camp and suddenly exploded into a full sprint, bringing down a wildebeest foal right in front of the Lemala vehicle. The next day a male lion was spotted by guests around the dining tent having a good whiff of the delicious Lemala food, eventually trotting off towards Ewanjan's seasonal waterhole. A leopard with 2 cubs are now a common sight near the staff tents at night when the guests are asleep. The cubs are still very shy but the mother feels very comfortable around the camp.

Meanwhile, Lemala Mara guests who have had game drives in the Lamai Wedge and around Wogakuria kopjes have had excellent sightings of resident wildebeest, several large prides of lions, a group of cheetahs, hippos and crocs. Guests have enjoyed watching ellies while having outdoor lunches. Groups of zebras have started arriving and within a few days we are expecting the wildebeest to thunder past the camp and across the river a few hundred meters away. One can literally feel the tension in the air as we wait for the drama to unfold.

Report courtesy of Lemala Camps

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