Friday, May 9, 2008

Migration heading west from Seronera

The core herd of over one million wildebeest, zebra and Thompson's gazelle are around Seronera. There are still stragglers as far back as Gol Kopje, but the general movement is west and north west. The rains have stopped and the Serengeti is drying up, making driving around easier. Game viewing has been excellent with abundant herds and foals playing and finding their running legs. Predators continue to follow the annual migration and pick off the weak and young.

The lead herds look like they will soon start to move towards the west corridor and the Grumeti River where there is better grazing at this time. The long grass of Seronera is quickly being depleted by the vast quantity of wildlife.

The best place to be based is obviously around Seronera or within driving distance of the central Serengeti. Robanda mobile camp in Ikoma Game Controlled Area is a good option for those wanting to do game drives and some walking safaris.

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