Friday, May 30, 2008

Migration Status 2008: Grumeti River crossing has started

One of the highlights of the annual migration, the Grumeti River crossing, has started! The advanced party of wildebeest and zebra have already crossed the river and are moving into the Grumeti Reserve. The main herds have not reached the river yet, but their arrival and crossing is imminent. The crocodiles lie in wait and have already had successful kills. Other predators have been able to pick off prey as they approach or exit the Grumeti River. This is the start of the high season in the western corridor of the Serengeti.

All the permanent camps are busy and most of the mobile camp operators have set up camp in the area. All lodges between Seronera and the Singita camps in the Grumeti Reserve are popular at this time of year, but for the safari purist there is no beating being camped along the Grumeti River. Camp guests await the main herds and the spectacle of the greatest safari experience in Africa.

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