Monday, July 21, 2008

Migration update: Highlight of the year in underway

The Masai Mara migration is in full swing. Herds have been crossing the Mara River into the Mara Triangle and also heading north towards Burrungat plains. There is now game spread across most of the western and northern Masai Mara Reserve and across the adjoining conservancies and ranches. The limited amount of rain in the last 2 weeks has allowed new grass shoots to germinate providing good nutrition to the herds.

There are still huge populations of wildebeest in the northern Serengeti especially around the Sand River.

Some experienced game rangers have commented that the migration populations are extremely good this year and may be some of the highest in a number of years, but this is hard to verify. There certainly are very good concentrations of game across the Maasai Mara and Serengeti.

The best place to be based for a safari is along the Mara or Talek Rivers. The ranches and concession areas around the Reserve are also excellent options to allow visitors to do a game drive in the reserve and then escape to the privacy and exclusivity of the private concession in the evening.

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