Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Serengeti Migration News: Herds heading north

The migration has been moving north out of the Grumeti through Ikorongo and Robanda. They are heading towards the Masai Mara and north east towards Lobo. There are still some wildebeest along the Grumeti River, but the main herds have moved off. June has been dry in the southern Serengeti and the new grazing and water in the northern Serengeti and Masai Mara Triangle are drawing the herds north. The north has received decent rainfalls.

Rangers are predicting the arrival of the migrating herds in the Mara Triangle in the next week, earlier than usual.
The best place to be based at the moment is Sayari Camp, the mobile camps based in the northern private camps or around the Mara Triangle. The Mara Triangle already has good populations of zebra and some wildebeest. The Grumeti camps are still reporting excellent game viewing. This week, both crocodiles and lions have been seen with kills.

Some camps to consider are:
Serengeti Premier Camps: Sabora Plains Camp, Faru Faru Camp, Grumeti River Camp
Serengeti Luxury Camps: Sayari Camp
Serengeti Comfortable Camps: Robanda Private Camp
Masai Mara Luxury Camp: Mara Explorer Camp, Rekero Camp, Governor’s Camp

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