Monday, December 30, 2013

Migration news: Wildebeest are in the Southern Serengeti

The migration is located in the Southern Serengeti. They have been around Ndutu, Gol Kopjes,Naabi Hill and into Ngorongoro Conservation Area for the past few weeks. Grazing conditions are ideal with decent rain and good grass.

This is where the migrating wildebeest and Zebra will be based for the next few months and where they will foal.

Ndutu Pleins is the favoured grazing location across the entire eco-system, and the place where the wildebeest prefer to be based. This is the best place for them to foal due to the high nutrition short grasses of the southern Serengeti. They will remain here until they are forced to leave due to changing rainfalls and weather (normally around April/May).

Sunsafaris can arrange your safari to see the annual migration in 2014. Happy New Year!

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