Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Migration News: Calving season in the Southern Serengeti

The migration has been located around the southern Serengeti for the past couple of months. The heavy rains in the past few weeks heralds the start of the calving season.

The herds are based from the outer Ngorongoro slopes through Ndutu Pleins and as far west as Kusini. They continually move to find the best grazing across the southernly Serengeti region, their favourite being the short rich grasses of Ndutu.

Going can be tough for safari vehicles at this time of year, with a number of the smaller roads closed off to preserve them. Safari guests can expect to see rain on a drive, so come prepared. Anyone going on safari to the southern Serengeti will be treated to thousands of playful calves and predators waiting to pick off any stragglers.

The best camps at this time of year are camps that can cope with the rain:
Kusini Camp
Ndutu Lodge

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